Ruth Stone Review





I used to enjoy  going to the races at York, Market Rasen and many other race courses.
The big Boxing Day races are very popular but, years ago, if an ordinary person wanted a bet, they would often have to place it at one of the many unauthorised bookies in their neighbourhood.  These were houses that had to be very discreet because the police were always on the look out for such places, ready to pounce and close them down.€ Worse, they would take anyone they found gambling on the premises€‚ to the police station. Taking a bet for a neighbour for one such establishment, I was petrified, certain the bobbies would come and take me away and then what would my Mum say! Luckily, it didnt happen.


Lying on the sofa,
Remembering those old nights
When even before I had fallen asleep,
My ghost horse and I
Were first past the winning post

I was so excited,
We floated right out of the race course,
Coming down into nowhere.

Knowing that at a hundred to one,
Everyone had won a fortune.

         © 2023 Gwen Grant.

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