Bonny Starr...’Suddenly, the whole fate of Time and Eternity, good and evil, lies in the hands of Bonny Starr’

The Revolutionary’s Daughter...’written with great integrity’....’Everyone can admire the professionalism of Gwen Grant’s writing’

Picture Books...from ‘Little Blue Car’...’He looked at the gate. Through the gate, he could see a road.  ‘I’m going,’ he said.  And the little blue car ran down the road to the sea.’

The Lily Pickle Books ....We are shot into Gwen Grant's tough, funny, uproarious northern world,  with everything going on at such a pace, one can barely catch up.

My Private - Keep Out! trilogy....PRIVATE-KEEP OUT! ...   The funniest children's book ever written.     I laughed so hard I choked'        Lucy Mangan


To Sam, the fox is the enemy - it steals hens - to Roberta, it is a beautful wild creature in need of protection


Is there a mystery about Jarrad Turner.  Will the last coal barge ever sail again?

There were blue whales between me and him.  Blue whales in a sea that glittered.

The rumour drifted through the factory like frost. “it means they’re going to sack people.”

Set in the 1950s, sixteen year old Lamour stumbles across a secret love affair and finds herself in danger.

To make things worse, a whole lot worse, Daniel had been seen by the local bullies. They meant trouble.

Ruth is determined to rescue the injured dog and her puppies. Against prejudice and tragedy she is helped by the gypsy boy and the herois little whippet.

Kenneth is faced with mincer’s gang and needs all his ingenuity and grandad’s walloping stick to outwit them.

Elizabeth, Paul and Mick see a train crash and then Paul makes a dangerous discovery.